I treat psychotherapy and neurofeedback clients ranging from approximately age 6 to adulthood. Their struggles include but are not limited to anxiety, depression, stress, anger, low self-esteem, doubt, blame, and interpersonal conflicts. Much of my work focuses on healing trauma and improving interpersonal relationships. I combine a number of components in treating clients. The most prominent elements for teens and adults include psychodynamic therapy and Lifespan Integration (LI). In treating trauma, LI tends to provide relatively fast and lasting results while minimizing the necessary extent of discussion. In treating children, additional elements such as learning and recognizing emotions are important. Regardless of the form of treatment used I am kind, supportive, and respectful.

Neurofeedback is often of substantial help for clients who have not made adequate progress through other interventions such as medication and psychotherapy. My neurofeedback practice focuses on treatment of issues such as anxiety, irritability, insomnia, depression, emotional trauma, ADHD, and autism. To optimize outcomes, I use several advanced forms of neurofeedback and base protocols on quantitative electroencephalographic assessments. Neurofeedback is not billable through insurance. Billing rates are $100 for intake and $50 per session. I use sliding scale fees for some clients who have limited incomes.

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406-449-4800 extension 5


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